2-Stroke Paramotors

BlackHawk 90 Paramotor

The next generation BlackHawk 90 has been conceived to match the power needs of the new type of paramotor wings. Their reflex section whilst increasing the speed of the wing also increases their sink rate. To compensate, these wings need more power.

BlackHawk AirMax 220 Paramotor

A crossover motor for those that would like to Foot Launch and Quad Launch with the same motor! This motor built by HE motors provides a smooth 29HP delivery of 170-180 lbs of thrust making it an ideal motor for the for the Quad or Foot Launch pilot that weighs up to 340 lbs.

BlackHawk 90 Paramotor

Unlike many other engines in its category, the power curve of the BlackHawk 125 remains constant even under high temperatures. Indeed its remarkable air cooling system insures a thrust of approximately 131 Lbs. To respect the paraglider, the R125 delivers its power progressively and securely.

AMP Electric Paramotor

The AMP costs pennies to operate, is environmentally friendly, and super quiet. The batteries can handle over 1,000 cycles (PRE-PAID FUEL). The 10kW Outrunner motor will run for approximately 50 minutes of flight time with the super-efficient Velocity Elektra Paraglider.

BlackHawk 90 Paramotor

The ALL NEW “Talon 3.0” 190 Paramotor is the most powerful, durable, & cool-running motor in its class on the market today. In fact, it runs an average of 50* cooler than any competitor’s air-cooled motor! This is a game-changer for XC, Acro, and larger Pilots!

4-Stroke Paramotors

A 4-Stroke Paramotor That Exceeds ALL Expectations:

BlackHawk Paramotors USA would like to introduce you to yet another addition to our 4-Stroke PPG Lineup. The Banshee 190 is based on a Japanese / Thai collaboration to build the highest-quality & highest-performing Powered Paraglider engine in the 200cc range. If you are looking for a new motor with unbeatable reliability and featuring the very latest 2017 Industry technology, you’ve found it! The all new Banshee 190 is a lightweight, 190cc 4-Stroke that will hold an enduring position and reputation in the Powered Paragliding Community for years to come.

BlackHawk’s ALL NEW INTRUDER 250 EFI 4-Stroke WITH water-cooling puts the “power” back into “Powered Paragliding!” For over half a decade, this ultra-tough 4-stroke has been revered by aviation enthusiasts as “one of the finest aviation 4-stroke motors of its kind in production today.” Prior to commercial application, hundreds of INTRUDERS were tested in both aviation & extreme-racing conditions to literally “perfect” this engine. The INTRUDER 250 EFI 4-Stroke weighs & costs about the same as many of today’s modern 2-stroke motors, yet it features the RELIABILITY you would expect from a high-performance aviation-grade 4-stroke motor! The INTRUDER is extremely fuel-efficient and drastically reduces emissions.

New Engines Available from BlackHawk 2019


BlackHawk Paramotors USA has expanded our product line again to include motors from Vittorazi, Aero Cors-Air, Adventure, and HE! Click the banner above to learn more or call (888) 211-1773!

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